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Join Michael for webinars and workshops online and in the Raleigh, NC area.  If you have a yoga studio, gym, mental health practice, etc. and would like to find out more about hosting a Breathwork or Meditation workshop or class, feel free to email.

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pranayama breathwork event raleigh

The science of breathwork is open for all to enjoy, however, there are some contraindications for the Buteyko breathing technique itself; those with contraindications may attend the class, but should not participate in the breathwork exercise portion of the class, as they need specialized individual instruction. These breathing exercises are powerful and profoundly alter the body's chemistry.

Therefore, people with the following conditions should consult with a doctor and a certified Buteyko practitioner before attempting any breath retraining exercises. Many of these conditions can be helped or even reversed by increasing cellular oxygen levels through reduced breathing, but the process must be applied in a controlled manner so as to not raise carbon dioxide levels too quickly.



Brain Tumor
Cardiac Arrythmia (unless there's a pacemaker) Pregnancy
Severe Renal Failure
Sickle-Cell Anemia
Recent Stroke
Recent Thrombosis
Recent Aneurysm
Recent Heart Attack

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