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Turquoise Sky

About Michael

I first became interested in the healing power of breath in college at NYU as a philosophy major studying Taoism.  When Lao Tzu wrote that the perfect man breathes as if he’s not breathing, I didn’t fully understand the words but intuitively they felt true.  After college, I became a gunsmith and began building custom rifles. Gunsmithing gave me an opportunity to follow my breathing and turn my craft into a meditation. 


However, after nearly a decade, I became bored with firearm mechanisms and simultaneously I became fascinated with the most complex mechanism in the known universe, the human body. 


In researching the body, I came across another mechanist who grew disillusioned with machines and turned his attention to the body: Konstantin Buteyko.  After discovering that all chronic pain, suffering and diseases are caused from lack of oxygen at the cell level, I knew Patrick McKeown was right when he said that quieting the breath is the best thing that he’s ever done.  It is also the best thing that I’ve ever done and I love teaching others how to quieten their breathing. 


I am also a certified peer support specialist, helping to support people struggling with mental illness and substance use disorder.​As someone with a bipolar diagnosis I’m particularly interested in helping people who struggle with mental health issues like anxiety and depression.​ 

I also created a Substack called Stoic Stronghold, where I teach and write about mental systems based on ancient wisdom.

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About Amy

Amy Jorge has been a licensed massage therapist since 2016 and operates Bodywork by Amy offering in-home massage and yoga in the greater Raleigh area.  She received her YTT200 in 2022 through the 8 Limbs Yoga School in Raleigh, NC.

When she is not offering bodywork, she enjoys spending time working on her other passion, painting and design.


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