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breathwork coaching

Michael offers breathwork and meditation coaching in the Cary, Raleigh, Wake Forest NC area, or FaceTime/Zoom remotely.  Typically, the best results come from an initial consultation combined with a follow up session 3-4 weeks later.  For most people, two sessions will be enough to get you closer to your goals, but ongoing consultation is also available for those who wish to go deeper in their practice.

True Breathing is donation-based.  Getting started with Michael includes:

*  2 one hour zoom calls or in-person sessions to re-learn the science of breath and get you started

* Email and texting correspondence for any in-the-moment troubleshooting and guidance

* Printable Breathwork Journal, where you can log your progress

* Expert assistance in safely increasing your CP to your desired goal


Michael is passionate about sharing these practices and believes that all people should be able to benefit, regardless of their financial situation.

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cary studio breathwork

Located in a residential neighborhood, the Cary Studio offers a relaxing space for one-on-one coaching, as well as small group classes and workshops.  Offerings include: guided meditations, breathwork coaching and education, spiritual guidance, and more.

Feel free to email to schedule your session with Michael.

Please be advised that stairs are the only way to access the Cary Studio.  A full restroom is also available.  Enjoy sipping hot tea along with any session in the Cary Studio.

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Groups & Workshops

Feel free to inquire about small groups or events.  This is great for yoga studios who want to educate their students or teachers on the subtle breathing techniques for enhancing their pranayama practice, gyms or fitness industry leaders who want to learn the techniques themselves, or offer a workshop for their clients, mental health counselors or therapists, and many more possibilities! 


I would love to hear from you and learn how I can help share the

joy of relaxing breathing with your community.

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Monthly breathwork

Become a part of the breathwork community and develop your skills as a functional breather. Together, we can improve our breathing skills and reduce the dysfunctional breathing patterns that impact our biochemistry, biomechanics, and psychosocial health.


We will practice subtle breathing techniques that aim to cultivate awareness of the Self and reduce stress and anxiety, while improving our overall health and wellness.


Michael teaches a subtle breathing techniques based on ancient Taoist and Yogic practices, and informed by a modern scientific approach, the Buteyko Method; all of these traditions are based on increasing our tolerance for carbon dioxide, which helps the cells of our body absorb more life-giving oxygen. Subtle breathing helps to reduce the over-breathing patterns we may have, and helps bring awareness to being more conscious of how our breath affects

our mind, body and spirit.


The basic techniques are simple and easy to do, however, having a support system of like-minded peers and a knowledgable teacher can keep you motivated. Although the techniques are very approachable, it can take some time to master them, and different individuals may encounter different obstacles that can be addressed by an experienced instructor.


The workshops are one hour long and include a brief lesson, followed by open discussion, and a guided meditation practice at the end. Yoga mats or chairs, blankets and pillows are provided. You will also receive a breathwork journal, where you can track your progress for months to come.


Feel free to email with any questions you may have, or sign up at

Second and fourth Thursday at 6pm every month. First and Third Saturday at 2pm every month.

$20 per class.

at Peace in the Forest, 701 N. Main St. Wake Forest, NC.

buteyko breathing

What is Buteyko Breathing?

Buteyko (pronounced Bu-tay-ko) is a breathing technique that promotes nose-breathing and reducing the amount of air taken in while inhaling.

For example, many people with breathing problems tend to respond to everyday situations such as walking uphill or talking on the telephone by automatically breathing more than is necessary. This is called over-breathing or hyper-ventilating.

The Buteyko exercises provide you with the skills to be able to breathe correctly in these situations, and this prevents the development of a vicious cycle of over-breathing which can result in breathlessness, wheezing or coughing.

Buteyko breathing was developed in the 1950s by a Ukrainian physiologist named Konstantin Buteyko, who believed that numerous illnesses were caused by hyperventilation or a chronically increased respiration rate.

The science of breathwork is open for all to, however, there are some contraindications for the Buteyko breathing technique itself; those with contraindications may attend the class, but should not participate in the breathwork exercise portion of the class, as they need specialized individual instruction. These breathing exercises are powerful and profoundly alter the body's chemistry.

Therefore, people with the following conditions should consult with a doctor and a certified Buteyko practitioner before attempting any breath retraining exercises. Many of these conditions can be helped or even reversed by increasing cellular oxygen levels through reduced breathing, but the process must be applied in a controlled manner so as to not raise carbon dioxide levels too quickly.



Brain Tumor
Cardiac Arrythmia (unless there's a pacemaker) Pregnancy
Severe Renal Failure
Sickle-Cell Anemia
Recent Stroke
Recent Thrombosis
Recent Aneurysm
Recent Heart Attack

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